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on a journey to health and wellbeing wit

Team Hoorays!

The creation of a business always has a story at heart.

We are Anthony Guinehut & Christophe Gredin, the co-founders of Hoorays!


Friends since high school, we are both driven to create services that promote wellness and sustainability. During a casual conversation in January 2020, we realized that with over 25 years experience in the hospitality and fitness industries, we had the knowledge and passion to realize our vision. Hoorays! was born.


Our mission with Hoorays! is to bring like-minded people together and create a sense of community through hospitality and other services that promote well-being, happiness and sustainability.

Meet the Team


Anthony Guinehut

Having spent my teenage life between the west and south of France, surrounded by nature and open spaces, I developed a sense of freedom at an early age. It was clear to me that I would travel the world to fulfill this feeling. Learning to cook from my mom and being exposed to the hospitality world at a young age, it was only natural for me to join a Hospitality Business School and get a degree in management.


While I loved the elegance and the culture of our hospitality industry, at 24 my wanderlust and dream of exploring the culinary world took over. With itchy feet and the need to experience new territories, I landed up in Orlando to work for the “Chef de France”. Thus, began my love story with America, and it's been so for 23 years.


I am privileged to have worked with some of the most prestigious chefs like Lea Linster, Daniel Boulud, Jean Yves Schillinger, Rainer Becker, Alain Allegretti, Alain Allaire across 25 countries. 


Running hotels and restaurants made me realize that we should not only look at making people happy with fantastic designs and trendy ingredients, but also look at how we do things in parallel to preserve our planet. I want to play a role in encouraging people to be part of a community that cares about sustainability.


With Hoorays! I am starting a new chapter in my life and building this business with my best friend is a challenge I am relishing. I want to help people rediscover the meaning of happiness and find a sense of freedom again.

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Christophe Gredin

Originally from Normandy, I spent most of my teenage life in the Loire Valley where my parents had a bike shop. At the age of 5, getting my first cycling license initiated my love for the fitness world.


After obtaining a degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management, I spent 25 years running award-winning restaurants in London. I learnt that to be successful in the hospitality business, you need passion and be ready to give. It is not “how much” you give, but “how much love” you put into giving. Thriving for excellence and making people happy have always been my top priority.


At some stage in life, we need to reflect on what would make us truly happy. No matter how successful we are, we should always be open to self explore and analyse our life and set our own expectations.


This happened to me when I turned 40!

Using my experience in hospitality combined with my love for sport and nutrition, I decided to become a fitness and nutrition coach. Today my mission is to help my clients find their physical and mental happiness.

My journey made me realise that there is more I can do for people and our planet and this is what Hoorays! is all about, happiness, community, and sustainability, and of course my friendship with Anthony!

Morgan Jenswold
Community manager 

I am honored to be the 3rd member of the Hoorays! team. I live in NYC with my husband and my full-time job is for a sustainability company called Too Good to Go.


I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I was very involved in the Nutritional Sciences program there. My degree is in Nutritional Sciences, with a minor in chemistry. 

My passions include all things food, cooking, eating out, sustainability, exercising with friends and fun. I'm a certified group exercise instructor and love to teach and workout with people.


I have done lots of work in the realm of food insecurity and I believe everyone has the right to make healthy choices for themselves. I believe that through Hoorays!, my team and I can make a real difference in people's lives with all different backgrounds. 

My goal in life is simply the word "healthy" for people and I can't wait to share my values and passions with the Hoorays! community. 

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David Louvet
Operations manager - Wellness escape

Sport and travel have always been at the core of my life. With a degree as an “Elite athlete coach”, I decided in 2001 to specialise as a cycling coach with the aim of helping young riders to reach their goal of becoming professional.

Over the years, my work has enabled me to travel from place to place and I feel blessed to have discovered countries not only in Europe but worldwide, such as Burkina Faso, Thailand, Vietnam, Sudan, Reunion Island and the Seychelles.

In 2005, I started to develop training camps for professional cyclists in France and Spain. This experience has taught me a lot about the organisational aspect of such a service.

At Hoorays!, I use my experience in the hospitality and fitness industry to help and create wellness escapes that have a “unique feel”.

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