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Rally the troops: get your loved ones on board for your health kick

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It’s time.

You’ve put in the designated mummy hours looking after everyone else and now you want a little ‘me’ time. This should be easy… but it isn’t. It’s like you’ve almost forgotten how to focus on yourself. You used to be able to do it, right?

Well, you can again!

Using those magical mothering powers, you can rally your family round to support you and make the whole process of looking after your well-being smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved… especially you!

So where to start?

Choosing to commit to a new eating plan is a huge step in the right direction for both body and mind but it can be a lonely step when you’re the only one with a celery stick and everyone else has double chocolate chip cookies.

Those first few days, up to the first week, can be pretty challenging while you adapt to your new nutrition plan. Experts say it takes 30 days to embed a new habit or kick an old one but the first week is always the hardest. You will need to stay resilient and keep your end goal in mind.

Find help at home.

Your family love you and they want you to succeed. It isn’t that they don’t want to help you, it’s that they probably don’t know how. You need to slip back into your leadership role and explain what they can do to help support you through this tricky transition.

Ask them to be considerate with their own eating habits. You aren’t trying to recruit them on your new eating plan (yet), you’re just asking that they don’t wave the goodies under your nose at those early stages. It might also be a good idea to ask them to keep all the naughty foods out of sight, so you aren’t tempted to vault over the sofa, leap across the table and land on a chocolate bar in a rare moment of weakness.

You are a good communicator. You do it every day at home and at work. So make sure you communicate with them. The home is where you feel most comfortable, and it is where you feel most comfortable that you are most likely to fall back into unhealthy habits.

Find yourself a mini accountability coach.

You can even make it a bit of a game. Asking your children and your partner to help you stay on track is a great way to include them while keeping you focused on your goals.

This will also show them that you are taking this change seriously. When they see that this isn’t just a fad diet and that you are making a proper commitment to a lifestyle change, they will be much more eager to support you.

Try and enjoy it.

Changing your lifestyle and nutrition for the better should be a positive step. Your loved ones don’t want to see you with a face like thunder eating a carrot stick and a handful of nuts, glaring at their ice-cream sundaes. If you show them you are invested and enjoying the change, even if it is hard at first, they will be invested for you. If you look miserable they will want you to stop, so keep on smiling.

Celebrate your successes.

If your clothes start feeling looser then show the troops! Be proud of your progress and keep them up to date with how you are feeling. An ongoing dialogue helps everyone understand that you have made a long-term lifestyle change and that you are in this for the long haul.

Remember you aren’t on a diet; diets rarely work. Long term commitments to better eating and greater self-awareness do!

Think about ways to include your family in a more practical sense. Maybe your children could get involved in the prep work. This provides a great chance to bond over the changes you are making while also getting your meals and snacks prepared for the upcoming week.

It also gives you a chance to teach them a little about nutrition. They may even be open to trying new foods when they see you eating exciting and interesting things. Your health kick could be the catalyst that encourages them to make better food choices.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There will be times when you will think that you want to give up. Talk to your partner. They love you and want you to succeed but they might not know how to best support you. Tell them what you need to get back on track and draw on their strength to recharge your own.

Hoorays! supportive team and informative webinars can help you stay on track when you need it most. We have a network of like-minded equally committed people ready to support you. Sign-up now and let us help you achieve your goals.

With your family onboard and Hoorays! in your corner you will be ready to deal with any challenges that come your way.


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