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How to get back in shape – a 5 step guide for working moms

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We had work, kids, and a lot on our plate. We had days of laughter and sharing with friends and family, and days when our only “me time” was during the commute. But we managed to keep a certain level of control. We managed to keep little people alive and care for our parents.

We even managed to hit the gym every once in a while or jog or go to that cool yogalates class. And then March 2020 happened, and we entered a different era.

When it felt like it’s utterly impossible to have any level of control over anything. We struggled to cope; it was a unique situation, and we had no guidelines in hand. But we’ve made it through, some of us wiser than before, some of us just completely out of shape.

But you know what they say – you need to start from somewhere if you want to see any progress and the first thing is to start with yourself. Getting back in shape, doing something for yourself doesn’t just benefit you on a physical level (the toned legs are so cool in summer) or mental level (the endorphins are totally worth the trouble); it can also give you a sense of control over your body and your life. And God knows we all need as much of that as we can get these days!

So, how do we get back the fitness groove?

1. Start slow

Like you’re in recovery. Update your routine and understand how your body feels with each step you take. It might take a while to resume the same routines you did months ago. Getting back in shape is a process; give it time and be consistent.

2. Invent a daily “commute”

Like a walk to the supermarket. Or to school to pick up the kids. Or to your favorite French bakery. There was quite some exercise involved in the commute we dreaded so much.

But that was all before we started working from home and dropped from 10.000 steps a day to 230 steps (on the days when we took out the garbage). A new commute, preferably one that you enjoy, is a good first step toward getting back in shape.

3. Get a partner

Finding motivation is easier when you exercise with a partner. It could be just an accountability partner or one that is ready to sweat by your side. You’ll have more fun and a shoulder to cry on when things get tough (which might often happen in the beginning). Or you can become a part of a community of women dedicated to supporting each other, like Hoorays is.

4. Train in the comfort of your home

Breathing heavily in the proximity of other people at the gym doesn’t sound like a good idea now. It’s only natural to feel more at ease exercising at home. So, ditch the gym workout and choose something that you really enjoy and can do at home. It can be anything, from dancing to pilates or yoga. You can also try aerobic classes online – grab your towel and the exercise mat, turn on that Zoom call with the trainer and you’re ready to go!

5. Prepare the environment

Sometimes, all it takes to get in the mood is a scented candle. Other times, you can just play out that cool Spotify list you love. Or you can create a special area in the house for your workouts. Depending on the type of exercise you prefer, it can be in the living room or even in the bedroom or on a terrace, if the weather allows it. Breathe it, relax and get in the groove.

Creating new routines takes a while, so be patient. It’s ok to be overwhelmed from time to time at first, but know that it is all possible. Trust the process and go with the flow, and your fitness groove will be back before you know it!

Are you curious how to keep motivation long enough to build a habit out of working out daily? Well, we might just have a few tips and tricks to share with you soon!

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